My Pretty Niece ♥

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hey guys! I haven't posted a new entry since I don't know when. Hahaha. I'm just kidding, my last entry was last June 19.

I wanted to share the picture of my pretty niece, Cianah Eunize. Too bad my sister and her family lives in Hong Kong so I can't always see Cianah. The last time I've seen her in person was last April when we visited them in Hong Kong with my other sisters. But we always use Facetime so we can still see her.

Isn't she super cute?..  :D

Late Father's Day Celebration ♥

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Like what I told you in my last post, we went out today to celebrate Father's Day. We ate at Hap Chan Restaurant in Market Market (Taguig City). It is a Filipino-Chinese restaurant.

Here's what we ordered. Used Instagram for the effects and PhotoShake for the collage.

From left to right:
Chopsuey Gisado, Roasted Pork Asado, Patatim
Sweet Corn and Crab Soup, Cua Pao
Lechon Kawali, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper

Lobster Ball Noodle

We didn't finish all the food so we take it out. I felt so full when I finished eating. When I'm super full, I felt so heavy and I can't breath normally. lol. That's all! I'll update again soon.. :)

Celebration ♥

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to your dad, if you are a dad, and for those who will soon be a dad. LOL. :)

Since my mom doesn't want to go out today, my father and I just bought dinner in Shakey's. We celebrated Father's Day at home. Then, we will eat outside tomorrow. :)

This is my dad in the left side. In the right side (Top to bottom) Thin crust Pepperoni pizza, Chicken and Mojos, Carbonara and Garlic bread.

Yesterday, my boyfriend treated me because he received his first salary. (Yey!) We ate at Pepper Lunch. Then we played in Timezone and took a photo booth. 

TOP: From left to right: My boyfriend and I; Goma Ice Cream
BOTTOM: From left to right: Beef Pepper Rice; Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with Egg

Anastasia ♥

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Have you heard about a Filipino grandma's can be Anastasia? I first read it in Inquirer News. Here's a short part of the news.

It’s May, 2009.  I’m on holiday with my husband and son in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a mission to trace my Russian roots and hopefully reunite with relatives of my Russian grandmama. Getting ready to leave my hotel room for more sightseeing, I’m on the phone with my hysterical mom who’s halfway across the world in Manila. She asked that I call her immediately after receiving pictures I e-mailed her from the previous day’s visit to Catherine’s Palace.

“No, Mom, I didn’t.”

“But you have Mama’s picture when she was young!  How did you get this?” my Mom asks, absolutely confusing me.

I reply, “Mom, I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I didn’t find our relatives here because Grandmama gave us the wrong name. What picture are you talking about?”

My Mom identifies the photo I took of a portrait of Russia’s last queen—Czarina Alexandra Romanov.
Having just discovered an hour earlier that my grandmama’s name, Tasia, is actually a diminutive of the name Anastasia, I start hyperventilating.

Anastasia was also the name of the Czar’s youngest daughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia, who, according to lore, may have possibly escaped the massacre that killed the last royal family of Russia.

At first my reaction was 'Maybe it is' then became 'I think it's not' . LOL. Well, who could actually know right? Maybe if they do a DNA they could find out. What do you think?

Instagram ♥

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I know almost all of you use Instagram. I just want to share my latest post. Just click the image to view their original size. All of these photos where taken in HK Disneyland.

And do follow me in Intsagram. Its @babylou0808 . :)

Other site ♥

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hey guys! Just wanna share my other site. I changed the layout and removed the blog part since I moved my blog page here in blogspot. Now it's just a site for my stories and portfolio. :)

Here's the link to my other site:

And here's a screenshot of my new layout.

Do visit my other site if you have the time. LOL. :D

By the way, hi to all to my new link exchange!! :)

Cydia ♥

Monday, June 4, 2012

Do you own iPhone, iTouch or iPad? Is it jailbroken already? Well, I have a cydia tweak which is very useful for me. These are my top 3 tweaks.

1. iGotYa

Does your iPhone/iTouch/iPad have an unlock code? When someone tries to open it, do you want to know who it is? When it was stolen, do you want to know who stole it?

iGotYa will allow you to take a picture of your thief face (if you have front face camera) and get the location where your iPhone/iTouch/iPad is. You will need to protect it with an unlock code and iGotYa will do the rest. When the person tries to unlock the code but failed. iGotYa will took a picture and will send the picture and a location to your email (You need to configure your email in the setting).

2. I'm Busy SMS

iPhone users.

Are you in a meeting or driving that you can't answer your incoming call? But you wanted the caller to let know that you will cal back as soon as possible?

With "I'm Busy SMS" you can decline an incoming  call and send a predefined SMS text message to the caller with  a single finger slide.

3. Applocker

Do you want your messages, photos or other application have a lock code?

Applocker lets you add a lock code in your application. You can configure which application has a lock code in the setting of applocker.

Heart Booth ♥

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hey guys! Do you know the application Heart Booth? It's a free app in app store. Me and my boyfriend played around with it last night. LOL

What do you think? :) Sorry for the distort part of the heart. Haha.

By the way, tomorrow is my first day of work. I'm super excited but I'm also super nervous. I don't know what I will wear for tomorrow. I did bought a few clothes for work (Hahaha). I don't know what I will do when I reached the office, where I will eat at lunch . . . Too many thoughts. lol.

Uhm, what else?

Tomorrow I will share the cydia tweak for iphone/ipad/itouch users. It's really useful for me.

Till then. . . :)

Pepper Lunch ♥

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sharing time again! I want to share this restaurant Pepper Lunch. My boyfriend and I love this restaurant. I always order the Beef Pepper Rice while my boyfriend changes his food choice everytime we eat there. My boyfriend also love the Spicy Tuna Salad.

This is what I always order. They served this beef at the sides, rice at the center and corn at the top of the rice

Pepper Lunch (ペッパーランチ Peppaa-ranchi) is a "fast-steak" restaurant concept that originated in Japan in 1994. It was created by Japanese chef and inventor, Mr. Kunio Ichinose who wanted to serve quality, fast food without the need to train a chef for years. At Pepper Lunch diners get to cook their own food over a patented electromagnetic plate that is heated up to 260 degrees Celsius within one minute.

Choice cuts of beef, chicken, pork and salmon are served with rice and vegetables for guests to cook and season using flavors of teriyaki, onion sauce, honey brown sauce (Amakuchi) or garlic soy sauce (Karakuchi)—and that dash of freshly ground pepper to give you that delicious, flavor-filled meal. Pepper Lunch Website

Here's the menu:

Menu from Pepper Lunch Site. Peso price.

I love how you want your beef to be cooked. You can cook it rare or medium rare or well done. Well, I always have mine well done because I don't like the taste of rare food. Hahaha. The plate is really big (for me) , after eating I felt so full. For those who haven't eaten in Pepper Lunch yet. I really recommend it.

Cute Cakes ♥

Hey guys! I posted this in my blog in webs last May 27, 2012. Gonna post it here too. :)

I wanted to share these cute cakes I've seen in Langham Place, HK when I last visited there. I'm really into cute cakes. Here are some pictures.

Aren't they cute?? They look so cute that you don't want to eat them. LOL. I also got some of their menus. I really am drooling over the cakes!!

New Blog ♥

Hey guys! I moved my blog here in Blogspot. It was hard for me to post a blog in webs because I used to write my blog post in codes. But I will still be using my other site (Luanne Love). I just removed the blog part. It still have the portfolio and stories page.

To all my link exchange, please change my site URL.

I'll be moving my recent posts in webs here in blogspot. Just the May month. So, that's it!

Hi to all!